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Cycling allowance: is the shortest way always the right way?

19 April 2018

In Belgium, employers can grant a cycling allowance to employees who make use of a regular bike or an electric bike for travelling to and from work. This commuting allowance is generally tax-free (and exempt from social security contributions) up to a maximum amount of EUR 0,23 per kilometre. In practice, employers are often only

President Trump signs Omnibus Spending Bill with Favorable Real Estate Tax Provisions

9 April 2018

On 23 March 2018, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (the Omnibus Act), an omnibus government spending bill which includes several technical corrections of previously enacted tax provisions related to FIRPTA, REIT spin-off transactions, REIT income tests and the partnership audit rules. The Omnibus Act also includes new low-income housing tax credit

Update: It’s a go for the option to apply VAT on ‘new’ immovable letting!

26 March 2018

This weekend, the core cabinet of the Belgian Government (finally) reached an agreement on the possibility for landlords to apply VAT on certain immovable lettings. With a view of raising our country’s and the markets’ competitiveness, the Belgian Government has  for quite some time been juggling (and struggling) with the idea to apply VAT on